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Mobile Platform

SK techx provides various mobile platform services
to add value and convenience to our clients’ lives.

  • MusicMate


    MusicMate is a streaming radio service application that allows you to listen to music by simply selecting the channel of your choice without any concern about music selection.
    It provides not only the latest popular music, but also about 200 diverse and rich music channels handpicked for you by experts by genre, theme, and age. Selections within channels are also updated regularly for you to enjoy the experience of discovering new music. Also, channels you listen to frequently can be set as your favorite channels for easier access, and with the “dice button” you can randomly select a channel.
    MusicMate can be downloaded from ONE store, Google Play, and Apple App Store, and is available for use regardless of your mobile phone service provider.

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  • Datasoda


    Datasoda is a new type of mileage service that converts and accumulates your everyday spending into actual data.
    You can easily accumulate data mileage just by joining one of our affiliated services or participating in promotional events. Your accumulated mileage can be converted into data of whichever mobile carrier you choose, whenever you want.
    Data mileages are valid up to 2 years and may be used across multiple times. You can also transfer your data directly to your family and friends through ‘Data Transfer’.
    Moreover, data mileages accumulated through Datasoda will remain intact even if you switch mobile carriers.
    Datasoda is available for download on ONE Store, Google Play, and App Store. It is compatible with all mobile carriers.

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  • Weather Pong

    Weather Pong

    Weather Pong is an application that provides real-time weather information within 1-2km of your current location or location of interest.
    By integrating data and information provided by the Korea Meteorological Administration and SK’s unique weather observation network thoroughly established in over thousand locations across metropolitan areas in Korea, it provides information such as real-time temperature every minute, the amount of rainfall, rainfall probability, wind speed, cloud distribution, and humidity. A character named Pong expresses emotions with sentimental phrases according to the weather conditions and delivers weather information in a fun and unique manner. Also, it provides specific information on weather conditions including fine dust, UV rays, time of sunset and sunrise, forecasts by hour or day, and features a widget that notifies users with a pop-up message upon the issuance of a special weather statement such as for typhoons, worsening of fine dust, etc. to enhance convenience.
    Weather Pong can be downloaded from ONE store, Google Play, and Apple App Store, and is available for use regardless of your mobile phone service provider.

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    Weather Pong
  • Volo


    Volo is a travel journal with a new sensibility that enables you to capture and record special moments from your trip in the form of text, photos, maps, locations and travel routes.
    If you are traveling with friends, lovers, or family, you can write a travel journal together and share various kinds of travel information such as real-life travel stories, essential items to carry and the best travel courses with other users.
    Also, as the photos, notes, and routes featured in the blog are automatically posted on SNS such as Facebook or Instagram, there is no need for you to post them individually.
    Moreover, in times when you have to stay offline with no Internet connection available, you can still capture and record your precious memories of the trip.
    Volo can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, and is available for use regardless of your mobile phone service provider.

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  • T coloring

    T coloring

    T Coloring is an application that provides integrated services for setting and using outgoing ringtones (coloring).
    It supports a search function for music by various genres, including popular music and the latest music, for your convenience. The ringtones can vary by occasion, such as while driving, during meetings, in class, or sleeping, and different ringtones can be set at different times of the day or by caller. In addition, through the “create your own ringtone” menu, you can create your own ringtone and send it to your friends as a gift.
    T Coloring can be downloaded from ONE store and Google Play, and is available only for SK Telecom members.

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