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CEO Message

The leading tech company of the new ICT era.
We seek to add the values of convenience and pleasure
to increase happiness in our customers’ lives.

SK techx is part of the ICT Family from SK Group, a leader of industry 4.0.
We explore new possibilities in the domain of Mobile/Internet and Media
by showing our Tech/Infra potential in the ICT field such as AI, IoT, Data, Cloud, etc.
Moreover, we continuously strive to challenge ourselves with enthusiastic passion and ambition,
to provide differentiated and innovative solutions and services.

We aim to become an adored and reliable company to our clients
that continuously creates new values that provide practical help and satisfaction
through creativity and innovation.
We aspire to become a company that grows and develops
through mutual respect, sharing, and cooperation
with various players and contributes to the development of society.

We ask for your kind attention and support in our passion and challenges
in creating a new future and new values, and to spread joy for our customers.

Thank you.

Lee, Han-sangPresident of SK Techx