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CEO Message

With innovative and creative services that add value to our lives,
SK techx opens up a new path to a joyful today and a happier tomorrow.

Based on our innovative technological capabilities,
SK techx is committed to making our clients’ everyday lives happy and convenient
with ICT by providing optimized goods and services for each stage of life.

In particular, we will do our utmost best, together with SK Telecom,
to provide greater joy and convenience through various services based on new life values.

Also, as we are deeply rooted in the value of coexistence,
we aim to grow together with our business partners by leading the ecosystem in a virtuous cycle,
and grow and develop to be a company more respected and trusted by society.

We sincerely ask for your heartfelt attention and support for our passion
and endeavors towards making the world a smarter place and tomorrow a happier day
with the cooperation of our clients, society, and partners.

We will strive to become an ICT service specialist and
the No. 1 company in the platform development/operation sector through creativity and innovation.

Thank you.

Kim,Young-chulPresident of SK Techx