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SK techx is a company specialized in ICT that spun off
from SK Planet as an independent company in March 2016.
With in-depth know-how accumulated through the development and operation of various mobile platforms from the time of SK Telecom and SK Planet,
SK techx will now strive to become No.1 Tech Company

December, 2017
Lab Trial Project with Orange (a.k.a. France Telecom)​
Norbember, 2017
Merged with Entrix
september, 2017
Developed T map X NUGU​
ENTRIXCommercialized Cloud 360VR with SK Broadband
July, 2017
Awarded Service Innovation Winner of IoT Innovation Award 2017
Renewed MusicMate as on-demand music streaming service
Developed the solution of Smart Call Center
March, 2017
Launched Shoptalk, a communication service for commercials and customers​
December, 2016
Awarded by Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy at Startup Expo 2016
Launched Datasoda, an integrated data mileage service
ENTRIXLaunched Cloud 360VR Trail Service with D’LIVE
Norbember, 2016
ENTRIXvFUT(very-Friendly-User-Test) with Deutsche Telekom
May, 2016
ENTRIXCommercialized Cloud UI with SK Broadband
April, 2016
ENTRIXCommercialized Multi-View Service with CJ Hellovision
March, 2016Sktechx logo
ICT specialized company SK techx was founded (spin-off from SK Planet)
ja, 2016
ENTRIXCommercialized Cloud Streaming App. with CJ Hellovision
september, 2015
ENTRIXCommercialized Cloud Streaming App. with C&M
july, 2015
ENTRIXCloud Streaming Specialized Company ‘Entrix’ founded
(spin-off from SK Planet)
June, 2015
Launched global version of Volo, a travel journal/sharing blog serviceSKP
SKPCommercialized Cloud Streaming UI with C&M(1.5M)
February, 2015
Launched MusicMate, a music streaming serviceSKP
June, 2013
Launched Weather Pong, a real-time weather information serviceSKP
April, 2013
Commenced the “Smarteen App Challenge,”
an app development competition for high school studentsSKP