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Corporate Identity (CI)

The CI of SK techx represents the company as its official symbol and is widely used as a communication element in all corporate visual media.
Unauthorized modifications or manipulations of the CI’s original colors may result in an undesirable effect on the company’s image and
must therefore be strictly managed. Download
CI manual

Corporate Identity

Spatial Guideline

The CI of SK techx must have minimum margins in its surroundings with no other graphic elements or letters at all times.

Corporate Colors Guideline

The CI of SK techx is designed with the colors SK Red and SK Orange, and must be used in compliance with these dedicated corporate colors at all times.

  • SK Red (Pantone 186C) - C:0,M 100,Y:81,K:4 / R:234,G:0,B:0
  • SK orange (Pantone 158C) - C:0,M:66,Y:97,K:0 / R:255,G:122,B:0