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HR Policy

Evaluation and Compensation

SK techx promotes the development of its executives and employees through impartial evaluations and compensations.
The HR evaluation system has its priority purpose the development of talent, and the evaluators assess capabilities (aptitude/competency) and achievements based on observations and guidance. Evaluation results are used in all areas of HR management including transfers, education & training, and salaries.

Evaluation and Compensation
Management Performance of the Company Achievement Level of Organization's Goal, Compensation(Reward) Appointment(Position)
Capability Outcomes Development(Transfer Education) Compensation(Salary Incentive Bonus)


SK techx offers a range of great benefits to its employees.
The benefit program is based on the needs of employees at a reasonable and competitive level to support them
in maintaining a stable, satisfactory life both at home and at work.

  1. Employee Competency Enhancement Program SK techx systematically supports independent study groups formed among employees and any individual development course related his/her own job taken outside of the company.
  2. Refresh Leave System SK techx grants its employees refresh leaves and vacation expenses for their well-being based on their length of service at SK techx.
  3. Expenditure for Congratulations and Condolences Here at SK techx we share happiness and sadness together.
  4. Cafeteria SK techx company building features an open communication space to facilitate casual communication among employees.
  5. Employee Loan Program SK techx provides various loan programs to support its employees with stable living conditions.
  6. In addition to the above benefits, SK techx provides many other benefits such as scholarships for employees’ children, medical expenses support, mobile phone bills support, vacation accommodation expenses support, etc. to promote the enhanced work efficiency of the employees.