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SK techx operates a range of talent development programs
to help its employees to become leading experts in their field.

SK techx’s development program consists of expert development, informal learning, and leadership enhancement.
It also supports various learning infrastructure such as IDP and the Learning Management System for each employee to establish his/her
own IDP(Individual Development Plan) with learning scheme and lead his/her own development progress.

Expert Development Program

SK techx provides technology-centered job competency development programs and a range of professional session within and outside of the company to support its employees to become leading experts in their field. In this environment, SK techx employees gain not only development opportunities through work, but also the opportunity to participate in the development programs required for enhancing their individual core competency.

Expert Cultivation Programs
  • Education Needs Analysis
  • Cultivation Method
    • Cultivation Work
    • Expert Cultivation Programs Focused Technologies
    • Informal Learning(X-Lab,X-pert)
    • Learning Management System(Learning World)
  • Expert

Informal Learning Programs

Due to the nature of work, capability development and skill/knowledge sharing through informal learning programs are essential for employees.
For this, SK techx is implementing a self-directed learning organization (X-Lab) and in-house expert system (X-pert).

Leadership Enhancement Programs

SK techx operates a range of leadership programs for the development of SUPEX(Super Excellent) leaders.
The programs are aimed at enhancing the leadership such as suggesting well-defined objectives and directions, encouraging an environment that supports active and enthusiastic thinking, continuous achievement, etc.