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SK techx is constantly implementing changes to improve
its recruitment process to select the “right talents.”
The processes may differ by category to a certain extent,
but the general order of the process is as follows:
Recruitment Announcement > Application Review > Written Test > Interview > Health Checkup

Recruitment Categories

Recruitment is classified into several categories according to purpose, targeted workforce, screening method, etc.
These include entry-level recruitment, experienced workers recruitment (professional workforce recruitment), and global recruitment.
The ultimate goal of recruitment is to identify and hire the “right talents” essential for the growth and development of the company at the right time and place them in the right places so that every member can demonstrate their maximum ability.

Entry-level Recruitment Process

  1. Application Review
  2. Written Test (SKCT)
  3. Job Interview
  4. Health Checkup

In the application review, applicants will be evaluated based on both their experience and qualifications. Please select your area of application after careful consideration of your aptitude and job suitability.
SKCT is a test developed to evaluate the basic qualifications of the applicant required by SK, which are “Pae-gi (Positive Thinking, Determination, Thoroughness in one’s work), knowledge of business management, social attitude and task performance capability.”
Following the first interview, applicants will be subject to an in-depth evaluation of their professional knowledge, understanding of tasks, task performance capability, potential, perception of the company, Pae-gi, etc. in the second interview, and will be further evaluated on their potential for growth in the future with SK techx.
The applicants who are accepted in the final job interview phase will undergo a health checkup, which is a process required to determine if the applicant is able to fully commit to the required duties.

Experienced Workers Recruitment Process

  1. Application Review
  2. Job Specific Interview
  3. Written Test (SKCT)
  4. Interview with Executives
  5. Health Checkup

For experienced workers recruitment, a job specific interview is conducted before the written test based on the principle of enhanced commitment to application review and that a written test and interview of executives should only be conducted for personnel with adequate professional competence. The job specific interview may be conducted in various ways, including a technical test or presentation, in order to verify the professional competence of the applicant.

Recruitment Q&A

QuestionWhat are the requirements for entry-level recruitment application, and what is the process for it? Open questions

We accept every application without any limits on educational background, gender, etc. for entry-level recruitment.
All applicants with diverse careers and experiences in the applying sector are welcome.

Recruitment process : Completion of online recruitment application form > Application review > Written test (SKCT) > Job interview > Health checkup > Final acceptance

QuestionWhat are the qualifications for experienced workers recruitment applications, and what is the process for it? Open questions

Experienced workers recruitment is open on a non-regular basis in response to the needs of the company.
Information on recruitment will be constantly updated in Recruitment Announcement.
Unlike entry-level recruitment, a written test (SKCT) will take place following the interview.

Recruitment process : Completion of online recruitment application form > Application review > Job specific interview > Written test (SKCT) > Interview with Executives > Health checkup > Final acceptance

QuestionWhat is the written test (SKCT)? Open questions

Since the introduction of the personality/aptitude test developed by SK Group for the first time in Korea in 1978, the group has regularly conducted partial revisions of the system to realize an objective and impartial recruitment process. After a thorough analysis of the factors that constitute a good, efficient worker, the group developed and introduced a new SKCT test in 2013.
The SKCT measures the capabilities required for task performance in SK from various and comprehensive perspectives. It consists of Critical Thinking, which measures the complex and high-level thinking abilities required for performing tasks, Situational Judgment, which measures one’s ability to make an appropriate judgment when faced with issues at work, and Work Personality, which measures whether one has the appropriate characteristics, values, and attitudes for performing tasks.

QuestionWhat is the process for the interview for entry-level recruitment? Open questions

Interview are largely conducted by job interview and interview with executives.
Interviews by SK techx will be conducted in a casual manner so that applicants can demonstrate their maximum capability.
Interviews are conducted with interview tools which are designed to verify each applicant’s potential by taking an in-depth approach to individuals, and therefore the interview process will be in favor of those who have worked on accumulating basic capabilities over a long period time rather than those who did so over a relatively short period of time.
In the interview with executives, applicants will undergo interviews to demonstrate their potential in a comfortable atmosphere with executives of the relevant sector. During all interviews, it is important that the applicant has an active, confident, and honest attitude at all times.