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Our Ideal Employee

At SK Techx,we are looking for the technology experts who can create the world
of happiness our customers dream of and who can enjoy challenges as well as embrace
failures at times during pursuit of higher values.

The ideal SK Techx employee is a technology expert with top-tier capabilities- a person who can discover the hidden needs of customers and add value, and who makes the world our customers dream of a reality and adds happiness to their lives. This person will constantly build on his or her expertise, and work decisively to create new value through horizontal cooperation and innovative ideas. Our ideal employee will not fear failure or risk, and enjoy achieving new things through engagement and voluntary participation. The three keywords-‘eXpert,’ ‘eXplorer,’ and ‘eXcitement’- represent the capabilities an ideal SK Techx employee needs to possess.

Expert Cultivation Programs

An expert with professional knowledge of technology and services, who constantly evolves and develops.


An explorer with creative and innovative ideas, who seeks new values through horizontal cooperation


An enthusiast, who enjoys achieving new things through voluntary participation and engagementand is not afraid of failure.


An expert with top-level
capabilities in the market.

  • Constantly builds on his or her expertise by
    studying new technologies, services and trends.
  • Accepts and leads changes in the market and
    customer base, while constantly expanding
    his or her insight.
  • Actively spreads his or her professional
    knowledge, experience and talents while
    supporting coworkers.


An explorer fiercely
seeking new value.

  • Finds new values to satisfy the needs of
    customers by adopting new perspectives
    and methods.
  • Challenges him or herself ambitiously, without
    giving up, no matter how difficult the task.
  • Focuses on goals determined through horizontal
    and vertical discussions, and implements
    them diligently.


A team member who
participates voluntarily
and with engagementin
pursuit of goals.

  • Concentrates on his or her work, responsibly
    produces results, and enjoys achievements.
  • Creates the best value through active participation
    and a sense of ownership.
  • Admits failures promptly and honestly, and
    focuses R&C on new innovations.